Sculpt, tone, and define your body with our 50-minute group Reformer Pilates classes.

Our certified instructors will guide you through a total body workout utilizing the latest Reformer Pilates equipment, to get you focused on getting your body moving and looking like it should.


Beginners: Work through a series of sequences catered to understanding and developing the fundamentals of your body's movement. Catered to those looking either to introduce themselves to the reformer, or those wanting to align their mind and body, this class will pace your workout to have to you engaging your body with purpose and intent.



Intermediate: Our sculpt class will challenge your balance, coordination and stability by guiding you through dynamic reformer pilates movements. You will develop in your ability to move through challenging sequences targeted at functionally defining your body whilst improving your overall well-being . This class has been structured for students who have worked through basic pilates exercises, and are looking to master their foundational movements.



Advance: Focusing on progression & control, our tone class will have you working through complex reformer pilates sequences. Designed to  build strength and precision in your  movements. This class is choreographed for those who have an understanding of the reformer pilates machine and are looking to advance their movements.