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Our boxing class incorporates modern day methods of shadowboxing, heavy bag work, basic boxing techniques and combinations - all with rhythm. Fight your way with one of the best overall body conditioning methods of training by burning calories, improving muscle tone, enhancing cardiovascular endurance, increasing coordination skills while boosting self-confidence and power. 

BOX 100

BOX100 is a 45-minute workout that combines boxing and weight-based exercises. It focuses on building strength and conditioning, and is designed for people who want an intense workout to challenge themselves.


This is a high intensity boxing workout that provides a full body burn. It includes additional high-intensity interval training (HIIT) intervals, more advanced punching combinations, and will make you sweat more!


It's time to add some booty into your boxing! Our 'Booty Boxing' workout adds a 'peachy' element to your regular fight program. It's the same boxing, the same beats, but we are just throwing in some booty bands to spice up your weekly workout!


Whether it is your first time strapping on the gloves, or you are looking for a more measured beat to box to, the 'Beginner's Boxing' class will guide you through 45 minutes of rhythmic boxing, with an emphasis on technique and movement. 

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