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All-in-one 45-min CIRCUIT TRAINING. Dynamic and functional workouts that have your body constantly targeted to push boundaries that lead you towards your

body and fitness goals.


A high paced, heart pumping 45-minute sweat session that is designed to get your heart rate up and your body moving. The aim of the game is to get you focused on the workout and nothing else, so leave your distractions outside of the circuit and power through the 45 minutes of workout.



Functional Strength training works for many muscles in a single exercise, which encourages endurance, core stability, bones density, balance and burns more calories. Not only that, functional strength also can build strength and full body health in less time.


Stands for “every minute on the minute”. A form of interval training, the goal with this workout is to complete a certain number of reps of a particular exercise within 60 seconds, and to use whatever time is left in that minute to rest. The benefits are to build up your fitness capacity, improve muscular endurance and also muscular strength.



Triple Threat is a workout that combines endurance, strength conditioning and isolation of muscles for strength training, balance, flexibility while sharpening mindset in an adrenaline-fuelled, yet encouraging atmosphere.

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