"I wAnt to inspiAe people. I wAnt people to look At me And sAY "BECAUSE OF YOU, I DIDN'T GIVE UP"."

Growing up, I was constantly enveloped with insecurities -- my confidence, knowledge, weight, appearance were a few of my biggest concerns. It was really challenging for me to unleash my full potential with all these fears, and heck even I was depressed for a period of time in my life. 


But one day I woke up and decided that all insecurities have to come to an end because I am made powerful, beautiful & unique. Ever since then I've learnt how to cut myself some slack when is necessary, learnt how to love myself by the day and never have I looked back or stopped pushing myself to achieve the impossible while embracing the little victories along the way. 


So here I am -- loving what I do in FLYPROJECT, just because I decided to love myself a little more everyday, and because I know now I'm unstoppable.