With the rise of Covid cases nationwide, we have taken extra precautionary measures to maintain the highest standards of in-studio standard operating procedures.

When our team is alerted with the news of an in-studio Covid19 POSITIVE case, these would be the precautionary measures:

  • We will close and cancel all classes of affected studios.

  • Professionals will conduct studio-wide disinfection on affected studio outlets and will continue all our sanitisation efforts for your safety and comfort.

  • Our team will diligently carry out internal and external contact tracing for our community.

  • We will contact all staff and customers who are deemed close contact and contact them via email and direct phone call. (Category B).

  • We will carry out further contact tracing beyond our studios thoroughly.

  • All close contact staff (Category B), including community team members and instructors, will undergo mandatory testing and quarantine for further observation.

  • Community team members and cleaners on shift (Category C) will get tested as a precaution.

  • Once all precautionary measures are complete, including heavy-duty sanitisation, our studios will reopen the following day.


Standard Operating Procedures are to keep our community and studios safe. If you need a refreshers on the SOPS we implement in all our studios, here's a recap on it below :



All FLY members are required to wear a face mask at all times within the studio premises and during classes. We recommend using a breathable mask or mask cage for more comfort.


Sanitise regularly to disinfect any unwanted germs, bacteria and virus. Always keep your hands clean by frequently sanitising with hand sanitisers provided around the studio premises.



Social distancing is simple and can help you and others stay safe. Whether you're waiting in line for class or sitting within the studio premises, please maintain a 1-metre distance from the person next to you.


We're making sure that you have a smooth contactless check-in and check-out at every studio. There will be no high fives, hugs or any physical contact greetings in the studio. Our team will be wearing gloves when assisting with shoes and bikes set up.



All FLY members are advised to be punctual for class and to leave within 15 minutes of class ending and are discouraged from hanging around the studio premises.



If you have been in direct contact with a COVID-19 patient or are not feeling well, kindly refrain from attending any FLYPROJECT classes for at least 10 days to ensure no symptoms develop post-exposure and incubation.

Our team is doing everything we can to ensure we provide the complete information and transparency to ensure the safety of the community.

From all of us at FLYPROJECT, we thank you for your kind understanding and

co-operation during these unprecedented times. If you have any concerns, please do hesitate to reach out to us via email at

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