"HeAlth is not just About getting YouR woRkouts in, it is About tAking cARe of YouRself, tAking cARe of otheRs And the plAnet"

A management consultant by day and FLYCIRCUIT coach by night, she is passionate about making a change in one's life, be it in the office or in the gym. She's driven by making connections and conversations, so don't hesitate to grab her for a chat after class!


Advocating self love and body confidence, Nadira constantly encourages her students to be the best versions of themselves, physically and mentally. With her (sometimes cheesy) words of encouragement and some help from Beyonce, you'll be pushed to your limit, a burpee (or 10!) at a time. 


In her class, you will not just leave the FLYCIRCUIT feeling stronger , you'll also leave with a healthier mind and a whole lot of confidence.